Michel's Farm HOA
Michel's Farm Homeowners Association, Inc.

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Dog Run Information / Dog House Information

Section 7.1.8 of the Michel's Farm Homeowner's Association, Declarations and Covenants, states there will be no outdoor Kennels or Dog Runs. The full text is as follows: 7.1.8 Animals. The maintenance, keeping, boarding or raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any kind, regardless of number, is prohibited on any Lot, except that the keeping of guide animals and orderly domestic pets (e.g., dogs, cats or caged birds) is permitted. Such pets are not to be kept or maintained for commercial purposes or for breeding. All animals must be kept within the Lot boundary and not allowed to run unattended. There will be no outdoor kennels or dog runs permitted. One additional section of the Declarations and Covenants pertaining to such structures is as follows: 8.1.11 Other Structures. No above ground swimming pools shall be permitted on any Lot. No structure of a temporary character, trailer, shack, barn, storage sheds or other outbuildings, shall be permitted on any Lot, except storage buildings may be permitted if they are constructed with material and colors compatible with the house. Plans, specifications, and site plans for such building must be approved in writing by James M. Dixon, Trustee, prior to construction.